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Fun With Face Painting Kits

66Face painting is something which children love. It is fun and exciting for them. This is a very good way of amusing children in birthday parties where each kid can have a unique design of their own painted on their faces. Organize your kid’s next birthday with the event of face painting and watch it turn into a huge success. Probably you may be asked to do something similar for another kid’s party as well.

  You can start face painting by practicing initially on a piece of paper. Draw a face and then start playing with the colors. To begin with, try simple designs like flowers and leaves and then gradually moving onto slightly difficult designs as it may not be easy if you start with complicated ones. Once you feel confident then start painting the faces of your family, your children, neighbors and anyone who is ready to let you experiment.

  Since these face painting kits are non-toxic and non allergic, it is suitable for the sensitive skin of children. You do not have to worry that your kid may break out into a rash. If your kid is young you can try some cute designs on the cheek like butterflies and flowers. See the immense joy they get when they see themselves in the mirror.

You can even make little stars by painting the whole face with dark blue and the stars in shining silver color. You can even use a little glitter for that special effect. If the kids are bigger in age you can go in for their favorite animal designs. So next time you can paint the cute bunny onto your kid’s face for his school concert. The kid whose face you have painted like a cat’s will not cease meowing and making everyone crazy.

You can even go in for those full face butterfly painting jobs where you can use the different colors to make the wings on either sides of the face. You can add a little glitter to the wings and antenna as well. Have you ever tried drawing a cartoon face on a kid? They just love it and you will be famous in their circle. With the face painting kits you can create a Tom and Jerry, a Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You can even pair them up and have a blast.

During Halloween watch your popularity grows among the kids. You need to have the face painting kits and supplies like several types of brushes and sponges. The brushes can be of varied types for thick lines, for thin lines and for special effects also like cut marks or bruises. Some kids love superheroes like Batman and Spiderman. Just watch the response when you paint their faces resembling that of their favorite characters.

There is no limit to the number of ideas you can create. You can take tips from the various online sites and even refer to some books which will give you great creative ideas. Use your imagination and let your face painting kits give you the results.

Does The Brush Type Matter When Face Painting?

65Being proficient at face painting is a great way to add much needed creativity and excitement to any children’s party, however, if you are new to the whole process of face and body painting, you might not be entirely sure which brushes to use. In this article, we will take a closer look at the kinds of brushes that are popular with professional face and body painters, as well as some of the pitfalls that you might experience when buying poorly made brushes.

Brush Shape

Typically, face painting brushes come in three very different shapes, and these are, oval, round and flat. These shapes relate to the part of the brush where the bristles are fixed to the plastic or wooden handle. As well as the shape of the “ferrule”, there is also the shape that the bristles take on themselves, which is pointed, rounded or flat. There is also the decision to make on whether to buy brushes that come with synthetic or natural bristles.

Synthetic Brushes

For the most part, synthetic brushes are available in a wide range of different shapes, styles and qualities. Poor quality synthetic brushes are likely to look good at the start, yet they will often look poor after a couple of uses. A lot of brushes are a lot better at keeping their shape and point than others, and it can be trial and error before you find the best and most reliable brand.

Problems with Cheap Face Painting Brushes

Badly made face painting brushes are a bit of a false economy, as they will not last long and they will need to be replaced with a more reliable and superior product. Some of the problems that can arise from using an inferior quality brush include, bristles falling off, lack of springiness, and not being able to withstand repeated use and transportation.

Selecting the Right Brush for the Specific Task

Although it may seem fairly obvious, a lot of people often make the mistake of selecting the wrong brush for the job. If you find yourself having to do some small or intricate detail, then using a big brush is going to be a mistake. That is why it is important to have a range of brushes in different sizes that are ready to be used when you need them.

As you can see, there is more to consider when it comes to choosing face painting brushes than you might have thought, and if you find a good and reliable brush it is worth sticking with them.

Tips for Morphsuits Painting

95While I enjoy comfortably in the lycra spandex smooth bed sheet when sleep, or browse the internet while wearing in the morphsuits I love, there’s never stop of my plan to get something more cool about them. This should be a way to show my passion and enthusiasm for this special type of skin-tight garments. Then I have seen a kind of painting art, which is done on the zentai suits worn by people, then compose together and become an unique way of art exhibition. The group which impress me most, is a giant tiger, composed by three parts, each painted at the back of the flesh color zentai suit, worn by a woman.

This has inspired me and I want to do the morphsuits paintings too. This way I could create my own morphsuit, the most special one in the parties. Although there are still many different patterns ready-made suits to select from, it’s hard to get one that’s only for myself. The positive perspective for this is, I could pick the suitable base suit and minimize my works as much as possible. Anyway, the first thing is to decide what kind of painting I want to do, or what kind of final suit I want. Because I have strong love for machines, I want to paint a simple camera image on the front chest of my suit, as a beginning trial. After getting the perfect image from internet and print it down on paper, I have selected a flesh color morphsuit as the base suit. While waiting for the suit, I have prepared for the sponge brush and the black painting. I choose black because it should be easiest to do.

After the suit’s delivered, I have begun my painting “big job” from a sunny weekend. I have flatly laid the suit down on the desk, with a layer of paper beneath it to soak the extra painting. It didn’t go smooth at the right beginning, as the painting always go wider or narrower than I want, or the paint doesn’t leave a clear enough line, so I have to repeat my works. After spending the whole day I am finally down, then I realized the paint’s already over the desk everywhere.

I was still excited to try the suit on. The camera image is like drawn by a baby on paper, with the messy lines. Lucky I didn’t choose several different colors, so it’s still fine to see that’s a camera. However, after putting the suit on, the rough image got deformed even more, because of the stretch of the suit.

From this trial, I realized it’s important to do two preparations before painting. The first is as many layers of newspaper as possible, to minimize the paint marks. The second, which is really important, is to put the suit on a model, or on a human body, then begin the painting works. If you are drawing something like a desk, an abstract mark, it’s better. But if you are doing animal or dolls, or something similar, it’s almost impossible to get a painting which won’t deform after the suit’s worn, if you do it flatly like I did at the first time. Very fortunate I have already prepared for this, and also because it doesn’t matter to get one more suit, I ordered two zentai suits at the beginning. With the same image and the work on the second suit is much better.

I have also gained another valuable experience: never over-estimate my ability. There are many beautiful camouflages to select from, but to paint on morphsuits is never easy as we do with a pencil on a piece of paper. It’s adviced to begin with some simple and brief graphic, with one to three colors to begin with, unless you are a professional at painting.

7 Tips For Cleaning Up Safely and Easily

25If you are just getting started in body painting or face painting, one thing you may not have considered is how you are going to get all that paint off again!

While your client may like being a zombie or a tiger at a party, they may not want to go to work looking like one. In any case, they will want to get cleaned up before going to bed or doing pretty much anything else, and you will be expected to know how to remove the paint you put on them safely and painlessly.

Here are 7 quick tips for removing body paint from the skin, and also for staying clean and neat while you are working.

1. Check your paints and packaging.

Always use safe paints that have been made specifically for face painting and body painting. They should explicitly say that is what they are for. Read what they say, either on the label, or on the website, about how to clean them up. Some body paints are made to be cleaned with water; others may use a special kind of remover that you will have to buy. Be sure you are cleaning them off skin using the methods the packaging says to use.

2. Use warm water, sponges, and cloths.

If your body painting or face painting supplies say to use only water, or mild soap and water, then follow those instructions. Use warm water if possible to make cleanup nicer for your clients, and easier paint removal. Sponges (the same kind you use to apply body paints) and soft cloths are the best tools; you can use paper towels, but why not save the environment a bit and use something re-useable? And using the same types of sponges you use to put paint on will give you the best kinds of shapes for removing it as well.

3. Use non-allergenic, natural, safe skin soaps.

If you’ve chosen your face and body paints correctly, you have made sure they are meant for face painting and body painted and are almost guaranteed not to cause an allergic reaction. Be sure your clean up soaps follow the same standards. Natural bases like glycerin and castille are good; try to avoid perfumes, artificial colors, and chemicals. If it says ‘natural’ or ‘hypo-allergenic’ on the label, you may still want to check the ingredients, they may still include scents or high amounts of alcohol-stearates, which can cause sensitive skin to react.

4. Be careful around the eyes.

Watch cleaning around the eyes especially – of course ask your client to close their eyes, and go slowly. Some makeup suppliers (Mehron, for example) carry special cleaners especially made for cleaning around eyes; you may want to try one of those. You could also look at makeup suppliers for smaller tools meant for cleaning around eyes. The skin around the eyes (and of course the eye itself) is more sensitive than the rest of the skin, so what works on the rest of the skin may not equally well around the eyes.

One good trick is to clean the other areas entirely first, and leave the eyes for very last – that way you will not be getting more paint near the eyes once they are clean, and will only have to clean them once. That way you can avoid repetitive cleaning (and irritation) of the eye area – as well as extra work on your part.

5. Baby Wipes are great, but use the right ones.

Baby wipes are great to have on hand, but remember they were formulated for wiping a very different area of the body than the face. This means they have probably not been tested for facial safety and irritation. I would recommend getting baby wipes that are ‘natural,’ but again, check the ingredients on the back. You want no fragrances if possible, and no dyes. Sometimes you can get them especially for ‘sensitive skin,’ again, read the labels. Then try them on your face to see how they work before using them on others.

6. Protect clothing while painting – and washing up.

Paints made for face painting and body painting should never stain the face, but the same can’t be said for clothing. Even water based body paints can still stain clothing. Keep clothing away from the paint as it is being applied, of course – but you will want to watch it when you are cleaning up as well. Soaking paints with water and washing them off can be a drippy process, and colors are even more likely to get on clothes then than when painting. Consider using covering cloths while you are cleaning, even if you didn’t when painting.

7. And Last But Not Least: Don’t Scrub!

Don’t scrub the skin, even if the paints are not coming off properly. Scrubbing can cause bad reactions even if everything else is safe for skin. If your paint is not coming off quickly, be patient, let it soak a bit and try again, gently. Try using something else to clean such as baby wipes or a cloth with a little soap squirted directly on it. You may also want to take a look at the paint’s instructions on cleaning up again – maybe you missed something on cleaning up. In any case, don’t get frustrated and scrub! Your client will appreciate it.

So that’s it – 7 best tips for cleaning up safely and easily after face painting or body painting. You may want to print these out as a reminder sheet to include in your painting supplies, that way if you have a cleaning problem, you can consult them quickly!

To Ensure That The Body Paint Doesn’t Wear Off

24Buying a new car is always something that a new owner looks forward to. Cars can have different styles and depending on the requirement of the owner, they are sought.

It is important to take good care of a car so that not only does it feel good to drive, it also looks good from the outside. Both the external and the internal parts of the car need to be taken care of in a good manner.

The paint and polish:

One of the areas of a car that can wear off quickly is the paint on the outside. This part of the car needs to be kept clear and clean of any dirt or dust so that it looks good and later on, it helps in the resale value of the car. The paint and polish of a vehicle at first will remain smooth but over a period of time, if not taken care of in the right way, it can start peeling off, or even worse, it can get rusted. Here are a few do’s and do not’s that are a must if you wish to keep your car looking good at all times.


• Wash your car regularly:

Though this is an obvious maintenance thing that an owner must do, it is important to clean the dust and sand that can accumulate under the wiper blades as these can cause the windshield glass to get scratches.

• Wax the car once or twice a year:

Waxing the car makes sure of the fact that minor scratches and scruff are well taken care of. It also gives the car a very glossy look that makes it look new from the outside. Do not hesitate to spend a little extra on some premium level waxing products as this helps in saving money later on in the year.


• Don’t drill holes in your car:

Drilling holes into the internal parts of the car makes it prone to being attacked by germs and rusting over a period of time. This can be avoided by rust-proofing your car as it helps in maintaining the internal parts of the engine and other areas on the outside.

• Do not hesitate to spend more:

As mentioned before, the car must be taken care of at all times and even if it comes at a cost of spending a little extra money, it is always better to do it. This helps in avoiding unnecessary expenditure later on.