The Roofing Company That Made My House Look Better

I had no idea that there were so many things to decide when I realized I probably needed a new roof. I had moved in here nearly 15 years ago, and the roof was already about ten years old at that time. I never had problems until a few months ago during a rain storm. There were a few water leaks, and I decided to call a company that does repair work as well as complete roof replacement in Brooklyn NY. I was not sure which one was needed for the roof, so I wanted a roofing company that would be able to tell me and then do the work.

I did not want to hire a handyman for this kind of work for a number of reasons. A roof is a major expense, and I wanted someone who repairs or replaces them on a daily basis rather than someone who may only do minor repairs once every now and again. I also wanted a professional company that is insured because it does seem like it could be a dangerous job, especially since my house is two stories.

I definitely wanted a company that has experience as well. I don’t mind trying a new company out on some things, but I did not want my roofing job to be the first for a new company. The company I hired, Brooklyn Roofing, has been in business for nearly 35 years and have worked on thousands of different roofs. They use the best materials, plus they offer a wide variety of services too in addition to roofing. They just have everything I wanted in a company, plus their quote for the work I needed done was really good. They ended up replacing the entire roof, but it has added curb appeal as well as value to my house in case I sell it anytime soon.